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News from Coventry Climate Action Network

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Below, you'll find news and articles added to the Coventry Climate Action Network website CovCAN.uk during the past week plus some forthcoming events related to climate change.

Please send me any news or information you would like to add to the site.

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Forthcoming Events

Click here to see the list of forthcoming climate-change related events.

Promoting Recycling at Birmingham Airport

Following a suggestion from a member of Birmingham International Airport staff, CovCAN member Victor Paiva has been able to persuade managers of Burger King, Marks & Spencers, Bottega Prossecco Bar, M&S Food to Go, Factory Bar and Café Rittaza to abolish the issue of disposable cups to airport staff, and Café Rittaza are now also offering low-cost reusable cups to …
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Plug in Coventry

Plug in Coventry
Coventry City Council has partnered with EO Charging to launch Plug In Coventry, a new charging network designed to make the switch to electric vehicles as simple as possible for the region’s businesses and residents. To join the network, businesses must enquire on the Plug In Coventry website ahead of arranging a site survey to determine eligibility for one of …
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Display Energy Certificates

Public authorities must have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) for all buildings larger than 250 square metres that are frequently visited by the public. Public authorities must display their DEC in a prominent place clearly visible to the public, eg near the building’s entrance. They can be fined £500 if they don’t. More information from UK Government website. Copies of certificates …
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Coventry City Council’s Carbon Management Plan

Following the publication of Coventry's Carbon Action Plan in 2008, the following year Coventry City Council published its Carbon Management Plan (CMP). It begins: Coventry City Council is determined to lead the city to a sustainable and low-carbon future that will ensure that residents, visitors and businesses choose Coventry as a preferred location in which to live, work and invest. …
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Earth Overshoot Day 2019

Earth Overshoot Day is the day in the year when we have used more of Earth's resources than the Earth can regenerate in the whole year. It occurs earlier and earlier every year mainly because of our growing CO2 emissions. Andrew Simms originally conceived the concept of Earth Overshoot Day while working at the UK think tank New Economics Foundation. …
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Posts in Descending Date Order

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Act on Energy

Act on Energy encourages energy conservation by providing free and impartial advice to householders and small businesses in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Coventry, Solihull and surrounding local areas. Visit their website to find out about grants and projects in your area, or call 0800 988 2881. Their website explains We ensure that we handhold the most vulnerable householders through all their energy …
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Fargo Survey Results

On Saturday 14 July 2019 during the Coventry Fargo Positive Images Festival, a survey was conducted by members of CovCAN encompassing the opinions of 16 members of the general public regarding their opinions with regards to climate change, why it would (if it did) concern them, and ways in which they were (or were not) attempting to reduce their environmental …
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