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News from Coventry Climate Action Network

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Below, you'll find news and articles added to the Coventry Climate Action Network website CovCAN.uk during the past week plus some forthcoming events related to climate change.

Please send me any news or information you would like to add to the site.

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Forthcoming Events

Click here to see the list of forthcoming climate-change related events.

United Nations Association Coventry Branch Declares a Climate Emergency

We, UNA Coventry, declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency The United Nations Association is independent of but supports the United Nations. The Coventry Branch promotes the aims of the UN, which include preventing a climate catastrophe, and work to make the public more aware of and sympathetic to those aims. We Pledge to Disseminate information about climate change and its …
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Change Festival Declares Climate Emergency

Becky Burchell and the Change Festival Team declared the following Climate and Ecological Emergency on 3 April 2019. We, CHANGE Festival, declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency. CHANGE Festival is an arts festival that brings people together in hope and in action to imagine BETTER. Our aim is to celebrate, to inspire, to change the way we relate to one …
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Greta Thunberg sails to New York on zero-carbon voyage

Greta Thunberg is today preparing to sail to New York on a 60ft yacht that has been fitted with 1.3kW of solar panels and two underwater turbines, but has no no kitchen, shower, privacy or toilet in a bid to complete a zero-carbon voyage. 'If it's really hard then I just have to think it's only for two weeks and …
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Hydrogen Vehicles

Vehicles powered by hydrogen are a green alternative to electric vehicles and are more attractive for long journeys. And with the UK planning to ban petrol and diesel cars and vans in 2040, these vehicles will be increasingly important in the future. They are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. A hydrogen fuel cell brings together hydrogen fuel and oxygen from …
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Harbury Energy Initiative

Harbury Energy Initiative is a village volunteer-run group that aims to save energy, to reduce household costs and to cut carbon within our community. Much of their work to date has focused on community buildings. They have also helped with reducing the cost of installation of photovoltaic panels on many roofs and have stimulated a number of households to insulate …
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Warwickshire Energy Plan

In 2015 Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet approved the establishment of a Warwickshire Energy Plan (WEP). This plan has three main policy areas: Increase use of low and zero carbon technologies Increase public support for low and zero carbon technologies Take people out of fuel poverty to improve their health and well-being In January 2018, Cabinet authorised the Council to establish a …
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Severn Trent and Renewable Energy

Coventry-based company Severn Trent Water Ltd already generates the equivalent of 28% of the electricity it consumes from renewable sources. This energy is used at Severn Trent Water sites or exported to the national grid. The company aim to increase its energy production from renewable sources to 50% of its consumption by 2020. They are researching, investigating and working on …
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The UK and Italy are the favourites to jointly host the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) from 9 to 19 November 2020. The COP is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Italy would host preparatory events and a significant ‘youth event’, in recognition of the disproportionate impact that climate change will …
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Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is a proposed group of offshore wind farms to be built on the Dogger Bank in the North Sea. It is being developed by the Forewind consortium. It is expected that the Dogger Bank development will consist of three or four offshore wind farms, each with a capacity of up to 1.2 gigaWatts. Planning consent for …
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You sometimes hear people say that the temperature on a particular day was the “hottest ever”. But what they mean is the hottest ever recorded by humans. Because the truth is that, throughout almost all of earth’s 4,600 million year history, its average global temperature was about 8°C to 15°C warmer than today. This was so hot that, during most …
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Deforestation of Brazilian Rainforest Approaching a Tipping Point

Brazil is home to more than 60% of the Amazon forest, which is being cleared at an increasing rate to create more cropland. Deforestation in Brazil has accelerated since Jair Bolsonaro became President of Brazil in January. Clear cutting in the rainforest has gone up 88% in June compared to the same time last year. Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon …
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