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Below, you'll find news and articles added to the Coventry Climate Action Network website CovCAN.uk during the past week plus some forthcoming events related to climate change.

Please send me any news or information you would like to add to the site.

Philip Brown

Forthcoming Events

Click here to see the list of forthcoming climate-change related events.

Do climate activists have the right to speak at COP25?

Fridays for Future International published the following message. What do you think? Do they have the right to speak at the event? On Wednesday, December 11th, over 300 climate activists, including many young climate strikers from around the world, were kicked out of COP25 in Madrid after protesting for women’s and indigenous people’s rights and calling for ambitious actions from …
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Coventry Eco-Anxiety Facebook Group

Coventry Eco-Anxiety Facebook Group
Coventry Climate Anxiety Network has started a Facebook group where people can share their anxiety and support each other. Join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/coventry.eco.anxiety.group/
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EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, they identify and support innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change. They believe that a decarbonised, sustainable economy is not only necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change, but presents a …
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How to have conversations about climate change

Talking about climate change, especially beyond the "green bubble", is hard. That's why Climate Action, working in collaboration with Climate-KIC, have produced an evidence-based, practical guide to help make those conversations easier and more meaningful - and to come out of them feeling inspired and connected. It is based in part on a citizen science project with over 550 individuals …
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We could be heading for a 14ºC rise in temperature

In a comment published on 27 November in the prestigious science journal Nature, Timothy Lenton and others write that Atmospheric CO2 is already at levels last seen around four million years ago, in the Pliocene epoch. This was before the current ice age, known as the Quaternary Glaciation, which began 2.6 million years ago. Note that we are currently living …
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