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News from Coventry Climate Action Network

Hello reader,

Below, you'll find news and articles added to the Coventry Climate Action Network website CovCAN.uk during the past week plus some forthcoming events related to climate change.

Please send me any news or information you would like to add to the site.

Philip Brown

Forthcoming Events

Click here to see the list of forthcoming climate-change related events.

Global Fires Video

Video showing global fires from December 2018 to November 2019 created by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts using data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/charts/cams/fire-activity https://youtu.be/GDfPtsQ2k8s
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Training Climate Change Teachers

UN CC:Learn The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) is a collaborative initiative of more than 30 multilateral organizations supporting countries to design and implement systematic, recurrent and results-oriented climate change learning. The initiative was launched at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. During the first three year pilot phase (2011‑2013), UN CC:Learn worked in five countries. During the 2014-2017, it worked with additional countries and …
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