Coventry Climate Action Network brings together students, citizens, politicians, activists and anyone concerned about climate change to discuss how to encourage others to make changes that will help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

This website was created following a meeting with Coventry Councillors on 23 April 2019 at which we explained three requests that Coventry students had made at a meeting organised by the United Nations Association Coventry Branch in March. The earlier meeting was intended to allow students who were on strike for climate to talk to councillors. Around 40 students attended that event but unfortunately only one out of the 54 councillors was able to attend.

The meeting in April was attended by Councillor George Duggins, leader of Coventry City Council, who felt unable to take action on the student’s request that the Council establish an Eco-Committee to bring together representatives from school Eco-Team in order to coordinate actions and exchange ideas. His reason was that climate change is already being dealt with by several of the Council’s existing Committees, by scrutiny in Cabinet and by a variety of other mechanisms.

That is why UNA Coventry has established Coventry Climate Action Network. It will stand outside the Council’s official structure. We hope that the Council will show its support for this group. Note that another group with the same name was previously formed by the University of Warwick but has not recently been active except for updating a Facebook page.

For more information about the background to this site see this page.

This site is created and managed by United Nations Association Coventry Branch.



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  2. Will someone stop our PM from his hairbrain suggestion
    To plant 18 billion trees on our tiny island thinking that
    he is going to devour all the nasty carbon dioxide.
    The high temperatures and droughts heading our way in the near future, will pale into insignificance on the ratio of carbon from the wild fires.
    Whoever is advising the PM on climate change needs to go back to the drawing board, The UK has enough problems to face without pathetic ideas like this.554

  3. Are there any other members of Covcan that has an interest in reducing the amount of nitrogen dioxide that is pouring into the air that supports life on our planet, Other than your lame leader Philip Browne. If that is you will you please listen to us so that we can reverse climate change in a few years. I am flogging a dead horse until someone in authority listens to me.

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