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Bigger plan for forthcoming Materials Recycling Facility — 2 Comments

  1. We live on the doorstep of this monstrous development which has been shoe-horned into the River Sherbourne Valley an area of rich biodiversity – we are expecting 26 ton artics on local roads coming from all over the region. From a local residents’ perspective green it is not. It should have been located outside the city on a main arterial route, not within the city boundary – and to expand the operation after it has gone through planning is cynical in the extreme. Nothing wrong with recycling – just don’t make the urban environment worse than it already is. We are already dogged by poor air quality, traffic congestion and a lack of safe crossings – 26 ton artics filled with recyclates aren’t going to help matters.

  2. Coventry Tree Wardens could not agree more. We raised very strong objections to this facility being built in a residential area less than a mile from the city centre and right next to 2 of the city’s most important visitor attractions. How the council can state that an extra 86 huge refuse lorries per day will not cause any extra pollution or traffic problems is beyond belief. This is neither green nor environmentally friendly with huge loss of important habitat on a local wildlife site.
    Children will be poisoned queuing for buses near the entrance. When is the health of Coventry people going to be given priority?

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