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Coventry Air Quality Consultation — 4 Comments

  1. Good to see the consultation document in your newsletter and website. Is there any discussion in your network on the Council’s proposals?

  2. The council has submitted its proposal and the government has accepted it in part (eg a number of improved cycle routes in the council’s original plan were rejected). I doubt whether citizens can make any fundamental changes. Either take it or get a charging zone.

    The plan is mostly about increasing road capacity to make traffic flow faster. This will encourage more traffic and thus, in the long term, cause more congestion in other parts of Coventry’s road network. The vehicles will be produce less NO2, but particulates from tyres and brakes is another issue.

    • Hi George, I sincerely hope your assessment of the situation is unduly pessimistic. However, I was intrigued by your reference to earlier drafts of the Air Quality Action Plan. How can I access them?

  3. Hello Ken,

    The report to the Coventry Council Cabinet in February 2019 is here:

    Package element AQ4 – Cycling was:

    To support the engagement programme aimed at encouraging more people to cycle, improvements will be made to the city’s cycle network, with high standard routes being built on four key corridors connecting the city centre with outlying suburbs and key destinations. These corridors are:

    1 City Centre to Coundon
    2 City Centre to Binley and Hospital
    3 City Centre to Whitley
    4 City Centre to University of Warwick

    The government only agreed to item (1). Funding for part of (2) has come from TfWM. No funding in sight for the other two.

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