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Coventry Climate Change Board Terms of Reference — 1 Comment

  1. This is a classic top down approach – breathtakingly arrogant in its ambitions in suggesting a globally competitive city which will provide a good quality of life for its citizens.
    Have they ventured on to the roads recently to experience the ‘good quality’ environment they are talking about.
    As a cyclist trying to do the right thing and leave the car at home it’s a death defying experience. A couple of cycle lanes won’t solve the problem of too many cars on the road.
    And building on any available green space – Green Revolution, healthy environment, I don’t think so. Try speaking to the people who live in the city before espousing high ambitions that have no relevance to common people. You’re quite simply not listening and not interested. It’s, as ever, Coventry’s high handed self serving approach, courtesy of Jim O’Boyle.

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