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  1. Hi, I am going to get a friends son, who is in year 8, to start a petition at his school to present to the council to make sure when mature trees are cut down 2 new trees are replanted. At the moment it is only trees with Tree Prevention Order against them that need to have trees replanted when they are cut down, if the TPO officer allows it to be cut down. It’s ridiculous that the trees in the town centre have been cut down leaving so few.

    I want to try and get all schools to be involved including the primary schools, who could produce drawn pictures and signed petition so it can be taken to the council showing how the children of Coventry want to get involved with climate change. After all trees are needed as we all know and for a council to allow trees to be cut down without the TPO knowing about it.

    My problem is I am a pensioner and don’t know how to get the schools involved other than the one I mentioned.

    I do hope you know someone who could help me or school children who would take it up themselves.

    • Hello Keith, Getting information into schools is always difficult, and it’s not just children who need to be able to express their distress at what is happening. I suggest you obtain publicity by sending a press release to the media.

      In order to create an official petition go to https://myaccount.coventry.gov.uk/Petitions

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