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  1. I agree with all the about the council has no respect toAncient woodlands and hedgerows they talk about emissions but destroy what is helping the emission levels and certain parts of Coventry have some of the highest emission levels in Europe I E the Holyhead Road they are also not prepared to wait until the census next year to see if Coventry actually needs more new houses Houses built in Keresley last year are still up for sale

  2. If we could build high-density housing using continental models we could have district heating, implement renewable energy schemes, harvest rainwater, have grey water systems integrated into design, and public transport that gave people what they need; we could have planting that would sequester carbon, filter the air, improve biodiversity and add to urban amenity. Instead we have proposals for old-fashioned low-density estates that are in no way sustainable or even good to live in. They depend on car ownership, have no sense of place or community and are built so that developers can profit and councils can meet housing targets set by central government. Time for a complete re-think and new look at Local Plans which were developed under different conditions and with different priorities.

    Climate Emergencies have been declared by just about every local council. Let’s hold them to that declaration and insist on meaningful action.

  3. I’m not sure that Coventry has declared a climate emergency.
    As a Coventry Tree Warden and environmentalist, I am extremely concerned about the number of trees and hedges and all the important biodiversity they provide that will be lost if green belt development is allowed to go ahead. Never have trees and especially woodland been more important to protect against climate change and keep us healthy. Coventry’s Local Plan contained very little about tree protection and the Supplementary Planning Document for it is still not approved.
    We also have no current Tree Strategy.
    Not mentioned above, but also under threat is land at Whitley Pumping Station. An amazing stretch of wild land near enough to the city centre to aid our pollution problems.
    Things have changed recently and we need to change our building plans to take account of the climate emergency and protect our precious green belt.

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