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Is Coventry really “facing the challenge of climate change”? — 8 Comments

  1. Could you give examples, apart from Citizen Engagement, where other councils are doing more than Coventry council?

    Maybe Citizens should see what other councils are doing to check what is missing from Coventry’s approach?

    Responding to the Climate Crisis (e.g preparing for floods, heatwaves, mass migration) is quite different from reducing carbon emissions asap.

    • Hi George, Thanks for your questions. I have added a few more examples of what local councils are doing to engage the public and pointed out that there are many more across the country.

  2. Having witnessed Coventry’s Planning Committee in action this week, it endorses the general lack of concern by the Council for preserving green spaces. The last Council-owned publicly accessible green space in Whitley will go under the bulldozers, 349 housing units having been voted through with little discussion as to the impact on the local neighbourhood and local roads or reference to Council policy around increasing and improving green spaces. The Local Plan identified 3 separate parcels of land for 200 houses in total along the London Road. This is being easily met by one of the parcels of land. It is a scary prospect indeed that no importance is being attached to preserving biodiversity and the natural landscape. It has consigned the area to overwhelming traffic, poor air quality and no available informal green space suitable for families.

  3. What a joke, “Coventry a leading city in a global environment”. While we have leaders like George Duggins and Philip Browne In charge we will never get anywhere with the fete that awaits the world. My dog has more interest in the subject than them. Because they know nothing they assume that no one else does.

    • Dear Mr Fordham, I am in charge of nothing except this website.

      As I have reminded you before, politeness costs nothing.

      If you continue to post abusive comments you will be barred from adding comments to this website.

      I have given you the opportunity to add information about the product or service you appear to have invented, but you have sent none.

      This is not the way to persuade people that you have a genuine new idea.

  4. I have just been informed that Coventry City Council has started work on a Climate Action Plan. it won’t be published before 2022.

    As the Climate Action Committee wrote:

    “[Local Authority] levers alone are unlikely to be sufficient to deliver local authorities’ Net Zero ambitions, due to gaps in powers, policy and funding, and a lack of capacity and skills at a local level.”

    There’s plenty of hot air about carbon zero – what’s needed are actions which make a positive difference.

    • Hi George, do you know who is responsible for compiling the Climate Action Plan? Jim O’boyle doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s talking about. It would be interesting to know which authorities/experts they are consulting. It needs to be a holistic approach that covers housing, transport, employment etc and that doesn’t include unnecessary development on greenbelt or urban green spaces. Is there a consultation and engagement process whereby we can be involved in the process?

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