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Is Litter Picking Worth the Effort? — 5 Comments

  1. Litter that is collected should be not just cleared out of sight but should be highlighted and publicised and bought to the attention of the councils ceo who is being played a lot of money for the work the volunteers are doing for him. Council’s are happy to let volunteers do the work that should essentially be done by themselves. If areas are complained about and inspected as a result, clear up campaigns obscure the extent of the problem.

    • Hi Dawn, You need to bear in mind that councils have been kept short of funding for years and this is only getting worse. I think it is no surprise that social services, such as looking after children at risk, have a higher priority than paying employees to pick up litter. And there is an argument that concerned citizens might benefit from collecting litter as it is a simple act that will not only improve their communities but give the individuals a sense of gratification.

  2. I do indeed bear this in mind. I would not recommend neglecting the area of children at risk at all. I have noticed however that some areas of coventry are prioritised over others. My own area is demoralisingly littered and bins left unemptied. My dad’s area and my daughter’s by contrast are better maintained and furthermore there are planters through spring and summer along the road side. How can this contrast be fair.

  3. In addition to my last email, when councils maintain areas and keep them tidy criminal activity and littering are reduced and a general respect is generated. In the long run this could reduce the council’s expenses. Also,if money can be found for planters then simple basic street cleansing should not be denied to those who don’t live in the areas that are it seems, are less worthy of the councils care.

  4. Also, we talk of where the council’s resourses may be best directed, and we bemoan the lack of funding they recieve from the central government, we might consider the CEO’s wages which can be checked online.

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