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Joe Fordham says “Reversing climate change is easy” — 10 Comments

  1. I am pleased that Phillip Brown is showing a glimmer of interest in our patent. The City Council or our. Government do not wish to know how we can make such a claim. To build a full scale working plant will cost £100,000 and will last for many years. We need to raise this money from any means possible.
    Any questions to my phone or email address.

  2. Dear Phillip thank you for setting up this site for people to question me with regard to my claim.However normal people will not advance our patent or will think we are attempting to scam the public. I suggest that you are the person that needs to know how our science works so that you also will admit that climate change can rapidly be reversed. Then we hope that you will use your influence to get our council leader to finance our project and then sell it across the world so that Coventry City becomes world leaders in saving our planet
    Phillip will you please arrange for me to speak to you face to face or on the phone . Sincere thanks Joe.

  3. Phillip, your group has the word ACTION in it.I don’t see much action from you. I invited you to talk to me face to face but you have chosen not to meet me .
    You should step aside if you have no interest in saving our planet. Please have enough respect for someone that knows better than you and reply to me. This is an important subject for the world and you can do something about it. Regards Joe.

  4. Still no comment from the man leading Covcan. What a pity that the people in these overpaid jobs are no nothing ignorant people,full of their own importance.
    Mr Brown,you set this site up in my name because you intended the public to laugh at my comment. It is a shame that no one is interested including you . When you and Councillor Duggins bring the “Charge zone into Coventry will be made to answer to the courts ignoring the knowledge that I have that will prevent the use of your stupid idea.

    • Hello Mr Fordham,

      Not sure who are the people you refer to with overpaid jobs. Everybody who is part of CovCAN is a volunteer.
      Are you sure it’s us who are “full of their own importance”?
      I did not “set up a site in your name”. I merely published your comments on a page and gave you the chance to explain your ideas to a wider audience, an opportunity you have not taken advantage of.
      Please remember that politeness costs nothing.

  5. Hi Philip,
    Thank you for replying to me. You say that it was me that was being impolite to you but it was the same for me when you did not reply to me.I apologise for my comments and would be obliged if we could both start again and prove that Covcan and will be world leaders in climate change reversal. If I could speak to you on the telephone then I am sure you will be of the same opinion as me, that reversing climate change is easy but at a cost. Best regards Joe Fordham.

  6. Hi Philip,
    Sincere thanks for your invite. Please tell me the details place and time etc if they are not online. I will book my place shortly. Best regards Joe.

  7. Philip,
    Please can you tell me if my business partner and I are booked in for the forum on Tuesday at 7pm
    Best regards Joe.