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Nuclear energy essential for a green future — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not fundamentally against Nuclear Fission as a means of generating electricity, but I do have concerns:

    1) What about long term storage of the waste? We know that fossil fuels are bad as we can’t cope with the waste product (Carbon Dioxide) being dumped into the atmosphere. Can we rely on highly radioactive waste being safely buried for thousands of years?

    2) All nuclear power relies on big plants and extensive grid systems to carry the electricity to the customer. How robust is Africa’s grid system? I read that a number of large industrial users in South Africa have given up on the grid and instead generate their own electricity from solar power. S

    Are we seeing another case of failed technology being dumped on low income countries?

    3) The main driver for nuclear power appears to be to provide cover for a nuclear bomb programme. That’s why the USA is so concerned with Iran’s nuclear power programme.

    4) Hasn’t the amount of electricity produced globally by nuclear fallen over the last 30 years? What does that say about practice verses lobbying from the industry?

    5) Why have two countries with a very high reputation for the quality of their engineering, namely Japan and Germany, given up with it?

    6) One of the causes of the current problems in Europe’s electricity supply is the fact that many of France’s nuclear plants are undergoing essential maintenance.

  2. Nuclear energy is not essential for a green future.
    Africa could produce enough energy using solar power.
    It does not need to spend a fortune on Nuclear Power Stations.
    Solar panel could be easily installed in remote areas of Africa (which many charities are already doing) to help improve the life in local communities.
    What happens to Nuclear Waste?
    How much does it cost to keep Nuclear Waste safe?
    What happens when in a local dispute a Nuclear Power Station is blown up?

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