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Re-imagining transport in the West Midlands — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve tried to complete the survey – it is too long and embroiled and when I inevitably take a break it loses everything. So disappointing – it’s a real opportunity to give important feedback but like everything done these days it’s set up to fail. I can’t see anyone taking the time to complete it. It’s the equivalent of doing a 3 hour exam. I think people are losing heart in government ever listening – so why bother?

    • Have found the save button so not quite all is lost. But still very long and embroiled. I wonder how many will take the time to complete the survey.

  2. Why was the survey only out for 17 days? I have tried to share it with as many people as possible, as I need it to help me with my Dissertation (I am studying factors affecting the use of public transport in the West Midlands). This secondary data would have been incredibly helpful, had I got more responses. Still, I have two questions.
    1. Where will the results of this survey be released?
    2. When will the results of this survey be released?
    If you can share this with me, I will be very grateful.

  3. In my experience important public consultations such as these don’t get enough airtime for such a critical piece of work. I failed to submit the survey on time despite 3 attempts at it and I’m not sure whether they’re aren’t simply tick box exercises. The government quite simply aren’t listening on all levels to public views – witness the mess that’s developing post Brexit.

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