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  1. Hi Philip

    Thanks for including us on the site! You are correct, we are indeed based locally, in fact we met you and some of the group when we were out getting blown about Coventry City Centre during the Green Week Eco Market a few months back.

    We are delighted to have set up permanent space in Stonemonkey and Spa Town since we last met. This lets people literally “get their hands on” sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic, at the point of purchase, at that moment when it is most relevant and they can actively choose an alternative. We hope to add more sites locally soon as we also enable free click and collect for any website sales, so it saves everyone a bit on delivery costs too. We continue to take the Reyousable Pop-up out and about to show people the range of alternatives to single-use that they can choose from. We strongly believe that if we can make reuse easy and enjoyable, more people will make the change and the habit is far more likely to stick.

    We were back at FarGo Village in Coventry last month for their inaugural “Simply Sustainable” event and we’ll be bringing a whole range of reusables to the War Memorial Food Festival on 21 and 22 September.

    Thanks again for our listing, hope to catch up again soon.

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