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Starley Cycling and Walking Network Difficult to Use — 8 Comments

  1. I support leading politicians NOT wearing helmets or high-visibility jackets when cycling.

    They are trying to get people to cycle rather than drive short distances. It’s not about cycling as a serious sport, one where specialist equipment may be needed.

    Exaggerated concerns over safety put people off cycling. It’s not as dangerous as people think.

    • In my opinion as a cyclist, wearing a helmet and making yourself visible with a reflective vest when cycling is essential at all times. I find it makes motorists give you a wider berth.
      I think that cyclists who get knocked off their bicycles because they have no lights and wear dark clothing in winter are partly responsible for their own fate.
      And I think that arguing politicians should NOT take these elementary safety precautions is irresponsible.

  2. Has anyone noticed that the Mayor is not wearing cycle clips either?

    And who is the anonymous author of the original article?


  3. I’m thinking of posting on Coventry Cycling Campaign’s facebook page a critique of the Starley Network. Something like
    1) Feeble marketing for a feeble product
    2) On the product:
    a) It’s a few paths designated as cycleways. What about the rest of the road network, where cyclists must share with motorists? Rat running needs to be stopped and an effective 20 mph limit imposed on all but arterial roads.
    b) A large proportion shown on the map is yet to be built.
    c) What has been built is below the latest Department of Transport standards. Shared with pedestrians (to reduce walking as well as cycling? Cos it’s cheap? To get cyclist out of the way of cars and encourage more driving?). Gives way at side roads – dangerous for children who might forget that motorists are inclined to dart into side roads without looking.

      • Hello Philip,

        Thanks for the offer. I’ll expand on what I wrote earlier, tidy it up and email it to you. What’s your email address?

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