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  1. I completely with the broad vision of the article; but I’m not sure that the criticisms of the ‘fragments’ apply to the proposed segregated cycleways. My understanding of the news from the Cycle Mayor, Adam Tranter, is that many side roads will be closed off (thus creating low traffic neighbourhoods) and the ‘dutch entrances’ on some other junctions will give priority to active travellers. Or have I got that wrong?

  2. I totally agree with this. It is not a network.

    Future routes will have priority over side roads but there’s a lot out there that don’t.

  3. My criticism of the Starley Fragments doesn’t apply to the new routes. But they haven’t been built yet!

    The existing cycleways suffer from the priority given to turning traffic at side roads and with a number of them there’s a problem with sharing with pedestrians. They demonstrate the attitudes held in the past. The number of people cycling on the current infrastructure show the “success” of that approach.

    What I find most remarkable about the current moment is hundreds of people have signed the petition in support of the Coundon cycleway and all but one councillor is in full support.

    I think the Binley Road route has greater challenges and I’ll be interested to see how they are tackled. A Foleshill Road route implemented to standards common in the Netherlands would be remarkable.

  4. A cycleway is currently being built on the north side of Rowley Road. That’s just inside Coventry’s border.

    From start to the finish it’s about a mile with 14 places where cyclists are expected to give way to turning traffic. At certain times of day the entrances to some of the sites are often blocked by vehicles waiting to enter (particularly Mannheim Auctions and the vehicle distribution centre).

    So one swallow doesn’t make a summer and one cycle way doesn’t make a network.

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