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  1. You will not be surprised to learn that we are fighting similar battles along the London Road which currently has 4 live major planning applications in for consideration all of which state there is a negligible itmpact on an already busy arterial road – and which Council officers, including Highways, support. They seem blind to the deleterious effects of overwhelming traffic on the local community. You could contact Julie Newman at the Council if you think the legal process is at fault. There must be some way to hold the Council to account – everything they are doing in our area runs contrary to their Climate Change and Green Space Policy – so we feel your pain.Whitley Residents and Neighbourhood Watch Association

  2. Can you get in touch please. We are planning direct action in relation to Whitley’s troubles and are looking for support across the city from other areas inundated by traffic pollution and congestion. It would be good to be in direct contact. At the last count the Materials Recycling Facility and McDonalds have been approved. We await 3 housing applications – all recommended for approval.

  3. Please get in touch re this – we are in Upper Hill Street opposite St Osburgs School so know all about the games being played and the REASON is primarily a developer who wants (& will probably get) the access to the Ring Road opened up primarily for HIS benefit…Best of it is his traffic is not taken account of in the “calculations” by Highways despite their being fully aware of it all – Fiasco at best that will cause mayhem and then require millions more (OURS) to eventually re do the whole thing… worse than potty as it is deliberate and the impact is obvious too.

    All help advice and assistance will be appreciated…

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