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Coventry Shamefully Far Behind in Carbon Ambition — 3 Comments

  1. Jim OBoyle told a climate change conference last year in Coventry that we were all wasting our time because China. With utter stupidity like that this is not a surprise.

  2. Philip,
    Like me you have no faith in Cnlr Jim O’ Boyle, he is a very ignorant person by not replying to my letters..
    He has no interest whatsoever in combating climate change and should be removed from his office. At this late stage we need a person that understands the importance of global warming.

    • Hi Joe,

      If your letters to him are as rude as the comments you have made on this website then I am not surprised he does not respond.
      If you want people to help you, you must learn how to be polite and friendly, not rude and hostile.
      From now on your comments will require permission before they are published on this website.

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